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[info]fandomnews needs your help. At the present, the newsletter is compiled and posted with the assistance of about five individuals. Because of family, school, personal and professional obligations, the amount of time that we can spend compiling and posting will become extremely limited starting around April 20. These pressures are unlikely to ease up until mid to late June.

During this time, we'd love to avoid going on hiatus. In order to do that, we need your help by helping us compile our daily link list. The easiest to contribute is add links directly in our staging area. To do that, follow these simple directions:

  1. To access that area, go to April calendar (or May), click on the date for tomorrow.

  2. Go to the edit tab in the upper left hand corner and click on it.

  3. Find the category that best describes the link you wish to add.

  4. Add the link using the following format: * [URL TITLE (OR DESCRIPTION)] by AUTHOR on DATE

  5. Repeat for all links.

  • When adding links, only include links that were originally posted in the past three weeks.
  • When editing, please sort links by date.
  • If there is something going on in fandom where you are adding five or more links about a topic, please feel free to create a separate topic heading.

    If you are not comfortable or do not desire to edit links in our staging area, please submit links for inclusion using the same format (* [URL TITLE (OR DESCRIPTION)] by AUTHOR on DATE) by commenting in reply to the most recent post or by e-mailing the links to fandomnews@fanhistory.com .

    We are looking for daily help. It would be great if people could "claim" one or more of the following links and add relevant links to our staging area on a regular basis. (Please feel free to add links daily from sources beyond these. The more relevant links, the merrier.)
  • icerocket: fandom misogyny
  • icerocket: meta fandom
  • icerocket: meta fanfic
  • metafandom
  • racebending
  • spn_heavymeta
  • blogsearch: meta site:dreamwidth.org
  • When Fangirls Attack
  • Anime Vice
  • conventionfansblog
  • Women Talk Sports

    Thank you for your help in keeping [info]fandomnews going!



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